35. Carnival in Colombia - English Podcast Conversation Lesson | Podcast

35. Carnival in Colombia (English Podcast Conversation Lesson)

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We’ve been gone from recording conversations for more than a year but we are back with a new English podcast format that is better than ever!

In this English conversation, we are going to tell you about our experiences visiting Colombia during their world-famous Carnival. We discuss the difference it can make when you know someone who is from the region you are visiting and how you can really have the opportunity to discover the culture on another level.

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We answer our Hassan’s question about a problem he is having with listening.

Dear Amy and Curtis,

I’ve been learning English for 3 years but I’ve noticed I have a lot of problems with my listening. I feel like I listen to a lot of audio, maybe 1 hour a day. When I watch movies with subtitles, I know most of the words… but I am not able to hear the words when I listen without subtitles. Please help me. 

Read the article related to Amy’s advice on listening deeper here.

Video about slowing down audio: Using Audacity to improve listening skills

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English Podcast Episode 35: Carnival in Colombia

Lesson 199: Die Down | English Phrasal Verb

Die Down English Phrasal Verb

The English phrasal verb we are going to learn is ‘Die Down’ and when it’s used it means a situation becomes calm or less intense. Included in this lesson are examples that we have made for you to practice with to sound more natural when you are speaking and using this phrasal verb.


Phrasal Verb: Die Down

by Real English Conversations | Phrasal Verb Course

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Phrasal Verbs Lesson: Die Down

Alternative Meaning: When a situation becomes calm or less intense

Example 1:

  • The party started to die down around 3 in the morning.
  • The party started to get calmer around 3 in the Morning

Example 2:

  • Jennifer broke her leg but after an hour the pain began to die down.
  • Jennifer broke her leg but after an hour the pain was less intense.

The English Phrasal Verbs Course

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The phrasal verb stories are the key to helping you understand the verbs that have multiple meanings and to comprehend what the phrasal verbs mean when you hear them. To learn more about the course and see an example of the lessons you will receive Click Here.

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