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How to improve your English listening skills faster!

Most language learners have been told that if you listen to LOTS of English, you will start to understand what it means. Although this is partly true, you can improve your listening FASTER if you have transcriptions, to help you understand what you can’t hear. If you are one of the people that is finding it difficult to understand everyday conversational English, don’t worry! Curtis and Amy from Real English Conversations have both struggled with their listening skills in a foreign language and have discovered techniques that can help you understand more of what you hear when you listen to English!

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Get tips to improve your English listening skills from someone who has overcome the same problem. Techniques that they don’t teach you in the classroom!

Hello my name is Airat and I’m from Russia. I’m a scientist. A few months ago, I got a new job and a new post involves a lot of business trips to the United States. At that time my English was terrible. I had to quickly catch up to speak fluent English. I spent a lot of time learning from textbooks but they have turned out to be useless to reach fluency. Then I came across Amy and Curtis’s site. Through their technique in two months I’ve improved my English from beginner to upper-intermediate level. I tried different courses but this site is my favorite. Over the time I’ve come up with my own way of learning which suits me best and that way based on techniques I learned from Amy and Curtis. A further advantage of this site is a very low subscription cost compared to other courses. Thank you guys for your work. I look forward to see new materials. Keep it up! Airat

Russia, Scientist

I’d like to share a secret with you…

By studying everyday English conversations you will quickly expose yourself to the words and phrases that people use in the REAL world. If you study English from a textbook, you are not going to learn the same vocabulary that people use in everyday life.

Here is how I learned this very important secret:

When I reached the intermediate level in the language I was learning, Spanish, I decided to have a language exchange over Skype with a native speaker. Despite knowing thousands of words and verbs in the language, I could not understand anything and it was extremely difficult to speak. When my friend started to write to me (when we weren’t talking), I realized he was using different verbs and words than I learned from the textbook! I studied this new words and little by little, I started to learn the RIGHT words that are used in everyday life. Conversations became easier, I understood more and I felt confident when I was speaking these new words because I had heard them used by a native speaker.

Improve your  English Listening Skills Faster

If you are listening to a lot of English but not seeing any improvement, you need to change how you are studying. Join us as a Premium Member to see the how much faster you can improve this skill. The techniques and interesting lessons will keep you interested in what you are studying and you will notice improvement after studying only a few conversations.



Real English Conversations

I have struggled with listening problems and I know that other language learners suffer with the problems. When I started changing the way I listened to a language I was learning, I seen rapid improvement.

The best part is I finally understand movies and television shows!

It felt like a miracle that after years of not being able to understand what I was hearing well, suddenly I could hear and understand more! Now, I am able to have an interesting conversations with native speakers where I understand what they are asking, so I can respond!

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Why we started Real English Conversations

After I discovered I needed to study conversations, I found a site that had transcriptions of the audio so I could continue studying audio to improve my listening skills. To get better at understanding more while listening, I needed to read PDF transcriptions of real conversations to develop a connection with the new vocabulary and grammar. This website helped me so much! We decided to create a website for English learners that would help them, as much as it helped me. We are grateful that we have been able to help thousands of people that are listening to our conversations and learning how to understand real English that people use in everyday life! All you need the right now to improve your English listening is a better learning technique and an interesting resource that uses real English. If you like what you are listening to, you will learn better. Our conversations are easy to understand but are 100% natural. We do not speak differently in our audio MP3’s than we speak with our friends in everyday life.

“Knowing the language of the area we travelled to gave us a totally new experience and and opportunity to know the people and culture better”
Learn English Listening with PDF's
This is Amy & Curtis. In this picture they are using the language they learned (Spanish) during their trip to Ecuador in 2015.

How you can improve your English Listening Fast?

First, you need to have to tools available to train your ears to recognize sounds. Tools like transcriptions to help you start understanding new words, new sounds and a version of the audio that you can analyze to better understand complicated grammar or new phrases. How are you ever going to learn words and phrases you are not able to hear? Next, you need to listen to English with specific techniques as well as doing specific activities that will help you to improve your skills FAST! We have created material on this website for you to use and improve your ability to listen to English better.

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Improve english listening quickly

Which type of person are you?

A. My listening will improve eventually, after I study more.

B. I’m tired of not understanding English when I listen and I need to improve immediately!

Only listening to our conversations or other English audio isn’t enough! You are likely not understanding what you hear because of at least one reason of these reasons:

  1. You don’t know enough vocabulary
  2. Your understanding of the audio is less than 60%
  3. The audio is too fast for you only hear words you already know!
  4. You can’t hear the individual words, they sound like they are all together.
  5. You can hear the words but you are not able to understand them quickly enough.
  6. You focus trying to understand every word.

As I explained earlier, I have struggled with listening and most of these problems.  When I started changing the way I listened to a language I was learning, I seen rapid improvement. Learn how to overcome these problems with English listening techniques that will help you understand more. Start comprehending what you hear and building your vocabulary without studying lists of words.