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Look Out English Phrasal Verb

‘Look Out’ is an English phrasal verb with 2 meanings and the meaning you will learn from this lesson is extremely important because it is used when you want to tell someone to be careful or to protect them from danger. The following examples were created for you to practice with and to show you how to use it correctly when you need to.


Phrasal Verb: Look Out

by Real English Conversations | Phrasal Verb Course

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Phrasal Verbs Lesson: Look Out

Alternative Meaning: To be careful or to protect someone from danger

Example 1:

  • The sidewalk has a hole in it that you should look out for.
  • The sidewalk has a hole in it that you should be careful of.

Example 2:

  • Jonathan was always looking out for his little sister.
  • Jonathan was always protecting his little sister from dangerous things.


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